Are my Temp normal?

I recently built my PC and im checking if the temps i am getting are fine

the temps im getting on Core temperature 18c(IDLE) compared to TMPIN0(CPU) 43c(IDLE) seems different, i wonder whats is the right one for my CPU

AMD fx 4100 (stock fan)
Palit GTX 550 ti
asus M5A78L-M LX
4gb ram

IDLE temps:

Load/After playing a game:

BTW room temp 30c
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  1. Your motherboard says your idle temp is 43C and that matches TMPIN0 reading.

    It appears that your core temps are reading low by about ~10C. This happened with my 1045t too.

    Use the TMPIN0 temp.

    As for the after game temp, 63C is on the high side, but within spec for that CPU.
  2. i think normal use stock cooler , try compare with other software like AIDA64 / core temp if the result is almost the same as HWmonitor, meaning mobo sensors are less accurate. I also have a high sensor mobo 50C idle: D, max operating temperature FX4100 70C when playing games and using the stock cooler 63C are safe and doing well
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