Is this PSU good enough for a 4890 or a 5870?

Basically, i bought a new computer with a crappy PSU and integrated graphics, so i want to upgrade :D .

its between either a 4890 or a 5870, would this PSU -> be ok to run one of these cards?

I dont know much about power supplies so i need some help on this one!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Decent power supply, plenty for either card, but it's been discontinued for awhile
    You're not lookng at buying a used one are you ?
  2. I am yeah, far cheaper and I'm on a tight budget :( if used power supplies are a no-go could you recommend the cheapest that would run either of these two cards?
  3. I wouldn't reccomend a used psu
    Can't imagine you have a high-end system if you were thinking of buying one, this would do for most scenarios
  4. i see most people recommend Corsair PSU's.. are there any other good brands out there that may be a little cheaper?
  5. paddy365 said:

    Given the choice I'd take the OCZ, higher 12v rating and the pair of pcie connectors that you'll need
    The CM Elite Power series is well known crap
  6. Ok, would OCZ be a good brand of PSU?
  7. paddy365 said:
    Ok, would OCZ be a good brand of PSU?

    OCZ is decent, good and bad like most other brands
    There are no reviews of that model but based on your budget I'd give the go ahead for the reasons I stated in my last post
  8. XFX and OCZ have some great prices on PSUs in the UK. Take a look at the OCZ ZS 550 and the XFX Core 550W; either will handle any single GPU PC that you can make, are good quality, and can be bought for about 45-50. I'd stick with the XFX.
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