I'm lost with the Video Card.


I bought a MSI R6450 - MDGD3 video card.

and I have a Foxcoon DG33M04 (Dell Insparian) Motherboard.

The video card needs a 400w psu, I have a 550w psu. the board has a PCIE x16 but i dont think its 2.0 or 2.1. I'm doing everything right I think, and still does not, do guys know if the card is bad, or is just compadable with my system.
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  1. What is the problem? Does the PC not boot at all?
  2. That card will work in that PC. It does not matter if it is 2.0 or a 2.1 or even a 3.0, all three will work in each other's slots. If you are hooking everything up and you boot and you are not getting a singal to your monitor.

    If that is the case you have to disable your integrated GPU. Or you need to clean out all of your drivers with a driver sweeper then reinstall the new drivers. But I think it is your on board GPU

    Two ways you can do it, one is in the bios and the second is the device manager. So you might have to plug your monitor in the VGA by all of your USB ports and start from there. Let us know what you have done ok?
  3. I have disabled the on-board graphics, cause its goes into really crappy mode, after that. I remove the current PCIE graphics card, and insert this new one. turn on the computer every boots up, light, fans, even the fan on the new card. And still nothing.

    I re installed my current graphics card, went to the MSI website, and downloaded the latest drivers, and utilities, and installed them. And then installed the new MSI card, and still nothing.
  4. Run a driver sweeper to clean out all of the old and new drivers. Then reinstall the drivers and make sure you do a clean install. When installing you will come to a choice to choose from.

    Recomended or custom choose custom and then click on clean install. Now after you doing all that and nothing works then try your card in someons eles rig. To see if you get the same problem.
    Here is a driver sweeper. Try this and see if it will work.

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