Best gaming pc for 1,500 or under

What would be the best gaming computer for $1700 or under the kinds of games i would be running are, battlefield 3 and such right now i am looking at alienware but i would like to know if there is better. and i would NOT like to build one.
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    Here are a few that you can look at and with these online sites you can pretty much sit back and choose the parts and they build it for you.
  2. Those sites will probably give better prices than similarly performing Alienware systems.
  3. Ok so i have customized a computer but i have a question about the video card now What is the equivalent to an AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB 16X PCIe

    Here is a hierarchy chart that will help you see where cards fall in a comparison between Nvidia and AMD. As you can see there isn't a card at thaty same level as the 7970 and price wise the 680 would be a close competitor. However that chart was put out just before the release of the 670 and I think that the 670 is a very close competitor performance wise and costs less.
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