Looking for a new laptop need help

I am looking for a good laptop to play skyrim on I don't know alot about laptop's graphics and I was wondering if anyone here knew of a good laptop to recommend my price range is $400 without tax. it doesn't have to be a power house just has to run skyrim on high I am not expecting on ultra for only $400 maybe on med. settings is ok.

thanks in advance

I am not looking for people to search it I can do that I just need to know what type of graphics card minimum I need to have.
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  1. For $400 you wont be playing Skyrim, even on medium settings, on a laptop.
  2. you would have to pay a significant more amount of money to play and games on a laptop, i would say AT LEAST $800, thats if your lucky I would say, my friend has a $1300 laptop and it cant play skyrim very well at all he said, a better thing to do is build your own desktop for about $600, there are plenty of good gaming budget builds for that much
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