Stuck in Boot Loop, keyboards don't work

I finished assembling my first build last night, but got frustrated and went to sleep. It's still not working despite my best efforts..

The computer powers on, fans work, everything's fine, but I can't get my motherboard to work with any keyboards (ps2 or USB.) After showing the first screen where I spam del to enter the bios, it shuts down and powers on again. It repeatedly does this until I flip the power switch on the psu.

specs are
mobo: Ga-z68xp-ud3
CPU: i5 3570k
PSU: Cooler master extreme power plus 600w
caviar blue 350gig hdd
a 4 gig stick of PNY DDR3 1333 ram
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  1. follow the advice in the thread at the top of the forum about how to troubleshoot a new build
  2. I have read the motherboard manual to excess.
    I have correctly plugged in the 24 pin power cable and the 8 pin cpu power cable.
    All standoffs are correctly positioned.
    I'm leaving my GPU out of the build for now, as I'm experiencing separate trouble with it.
    I only have one stick of ram currently, so ram sticks aren't the problem.
    The RAM is in place securely, and I've checked the wires to the HDD and the optical drive extensively.
    I installed the cpu correctly, and there are no bent pins.
    There was thermal material on the stock cooler, and it is plugged in correctly.
    I do not own a system speaker, one is coming in the mail.
    The front panel plugs are correctly seated.
    I have reset the CMOS, and my cpu is supported by my motherboard.
    And, like I said, I've tried multiple keyboards but none of them work.
  3. Same deal. It starts working, I hit the bios startup screen, but it just shuts down and boots up again afterwards. Keyboards still don't work.
  4. Oh, the video card makes the computer stop working entirely. Fans don't even twitch, LEDs don't turn on. Power supply makes a clicking noise like it wants to start, but it doesn't work.
  5. That's not me, but I did see the extensive list of people with boot loops. I figured I would be able to update the bios, I didn't realize my keyboards would fail.
  6. Alright, I'm going to RMA my motherboard for a refund. thanks erryone
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