Will any problems arise using the AMD FX-6200 with the Asus M5A97?

It's a first time build, so I'd rather it be as simple as possible for me. The M5A97 does have the AM3+ socket so I assumed it would be ok, but checking compatibility I see that its only compatible with BIOS number 0901, but it doesn't say which bios the mobo it's shipped with. Looking on other forums some people are saying they had to buy another AM3 cpu just to change the BIOS which would likely cost me alot more money that I don't have. I just want to avoid this :D

Sorry if I rambled a bit there, as I hope the community will understand, I'm a bit anxious spending £600 on something which could all fall through :/

Thanks for reading :)
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    If you buy it now, it should have a new enough BIOS already on it (not necessarily the absolute newest, but 0901 was released last December, so it would be idiotic if a board you bought now didn't have at least THAT BIOS).
  2. Yeah I get you, perhaps I should drop a few lines to the retailer to check
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