I5 2500k with gtx 680 will it bottleneck?

With the current released specs for the gtx 680 do you believe it will bottleneck the i5 2500k? I know the i5 wont bottleneck any current card but since this is a new card what do you think.
680 specs:
2500k specs
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  1. No it won't The i5 is a hard working card. I would even work on the 690's and it is working for the 79xx series. No you are good to go
  2. The i5 2500k is a very good CPU with high potential.You can also overclock it to 4 GHZ and above easily.It will not be a bottleneck for GTX 680..
  3. i found this thread trying to find a answer to almost the same question. what about 3 3gb 680s in sli will there be a bottleneck then? if so how significant?
  4. I still don't know why everyone is so concerned with bottlenecks.

    The 2500K is not able to bottleneck any setup at the current moment.
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