Loud, annoying rattling sound from CPU/Socket/Coolant Block

Greetings. I have an i7-2600k running at stock speeds on a Asus Sabertooth P67, with a Corsair H80 waterpump system. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a very annoying rattling sound. After isolating the cause, which I determined to be the waterpump of my Astec CPU cooler, so I replaced it with a Corsair H80. It's been running fine for almost a month, when the rattling sound came back after rebooting my system. I did my sound isolation test(basically stopping all moving parts one by one until the noise stopped), and it stops when I unplug the pump again.

What are the chances of the pump going bad again? Is there a way to test if it's the CPU bed itself, or my CPU?
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  1. An update on this, I took the pump out and shook it like a baby(until it stopped making noise). I put it back in, and it was fine for a few minutes, then it started again. I then put my PC on it's side(so the pump is sticking straight up) and the noise stopped again. So I guess this means excessive air bubbles? I submitted an RMA with corsair, but I'll leave my PC in it's current position for the time being, and try putting it up right again when I get off work to see if maybe it worked everything out.
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