No post beep but display working

Hello, this is my first build. I started testing with just the cpu and hsf, it gave me a memory beep, I installed the memory, it gave me video card beep, I installed video card and plugged in monitor, everything runs and the display shows but no post beep. Is this fine or is there a problem with the video card/connections/etc?
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    recheck all power connector even the one on the video card and look if the cpu fan is plug in the motherboard
  2. it up to the vendor now how they program there mb if they beep or not at a clean post. most new mb vendors put debug led or post it led on there mb. as most builders are looking for low noise out of there pc a lot of mb vendor now dont put a speaker onto the mb or ship one with there mb.
  3. Double checked everything and still no beep. I'm using the ASRock 970 Extreme3, if that helps. It beeped with the other components missing though.

    *UPDATE* So I went ahead and installed everything into the case and it worked just fine with a beep, so it must have been some bad connection or something. Thanks guys.
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