Is this the right graphics card for my system ?

hi frnds ,i m thinking to buy buy a hd5670(on a very tight budget of 6k,,(100$ may be :s) for my pc ,system configuration is:: core2duo e7400 2.8ghz , 2gb ddr2 ram, 450w power supply, a monitor supporting max resolution of 1600x900(thinking to play at this resolution), not going to max ,what u think my pc will be able to run gta4,cod etc,on decent settings? and is this configuration better than a ps2 ?
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  1. ASUS Radeon HD 6770 1GB 90$ after rebates.
    HIS Radeon HD 6770 1GB 128-bit 100$ after rebates and free shipping.
  2. IRs. 6000 right? If So you're from India and, buying there, you would get something like 6750/6670, if yes go and get one of those. but 6770 will cost around 7k, but It'll be better for you if you can make it to 7k. good luck to you :). Or maybe I guess 7750?
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