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So I bought a new CPU fan.But the mistake a did is I didnt clean the old thermal paste so I applied the one one over it.My CPU Temps with the stock fan were around 70C,with the new one I didnt notice any difference.Will buying a new one,cleaning the current one make a significant difference?

EDIT:The way I applied it,is by covering(spreaded) the cpu with thermal paste.I guess thats the problem right?
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  1. Yeah, you just need to completely clean both the CPU and the heatsink and re-do the thermal paste. I'd try a small "pea sized" dot in the center of the CPU heatspreader this time, though (and not spreading it).

    Not cleaning off the old stuff almost always causes temp issues.
  2. I personally use the line method and it works good but everyone has their own preference.
  3. For Flat surface HSFs, I use the peas size quanity, then with a latyex glove I use my finger to spread it.
    For HSFs such as the Hyper 212 that is NOT a flat surface, I prefer using a credit card to fill the voids, then a very thin film in the Cpu.
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