Windows 7 SOMETIMES Crashes during startup after new video card

Hello, I've recently installed an HIS 6870. I know for a fact that power consumption is not a problem since i have a 600Watt Corsair PSU. During startup, I see my desktop, Skype loads, MSN loads, then my screen turns white, black, then no signal. Also, my graphics card is not overheating either, its at 33 degrees celsius. Any ides guys? It sometimes crashes and sometimes does not. Also, this is not a homebuilt computer, I've just swapped my graphics card.

P.S. I dont know where this goes, so I put it at the Graphics card section.
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  1. Boot up into Windows Safe Mode - press and hold your 'F8 Key' as the PC boots up.

    Uninstall all of your video card drivers and re-boot back into safe mode.

    Install the newest drivers for the card from here:

    Now try re-booting into normal windows and see what happens.
  2. You may want to download the latest CCC/driver package for the 6870 (and your operating system) from AMD. Then uninstall the current CCC/driver. Restart your sytem. Install the package you just downloaded. Restart your system.
  3. If the above doesn't work you may have downloaded some apps recently which may be causing a problem. If you type in MSCONFIG and go to services. Uncheck any services that you absolutley don't need such as Ipod and the like. You make have to google a few as not all of them are obvious. Once done re-boot the PC and see if that helps.
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