Help to specify a VGA card for my pc

I have an Asus mother board (P5GC MX/1333) with
PCI express x16 (1.0)
I want to find out a suitable graphic card for my pc.
(I have now NVIDIA Geforce 8500 GT)
Power supply-450w ( ATX-S450TZ )
Processor -Intel Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4600 @2.4GHz
Ram - 3GB (2gb 1gb)
BIOS: V 0413
Monitor - Samsung SyncMaster 710t 17"
OS -Windows 7
Hard disk - 160gb
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  1. GET FERMI its really cheap at newegg down on average 50 bucks, just happened the 14th of march. Get a 580 for 370, this is so dang cheap they were 450 yesterday!
  2. Or if 370 is too much, get a 570 for 260 where 350 yeaterday, this is so dang cheap my friend, 580 if you can 570 if you cant you will not be dissapointed.
  3. Bro, i'm new and dun understand what is 570. can help specify the model. Thank you so much.
    Can fix on my Asus mother board (P5GC MX/1333)?
  4. 580and 570 are nvidias latest fermi cards, I think they will fit, how old is you board? Also you can google for the answer too, I would definitely ask around, I wouldn't want to give out bad info by mistake.
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