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WEP Nintendo DS on WPA network

Hello, I am trying to help my son connect his DS Lite, which requires a WEP network, to my WPA secured network. I don't want to change the whole system to WEP--is there any way to reconfigure his DS to work on WPA? Or is he out of luck if we don't change the whole network? (Lots of wireless connected to that router in this house...)
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  1. He's out of luck. I don't know why the Nintendo DS doesn't support WPA. You could get a router that has a guest network.
  2. thanks grumpy. I called the Cisco folks (I have a linksys router) and they said they haven't invented a router that has a guest you know of one? that won't cost more than a new DS?
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    The Linksys E1200 supports a Guest Network.
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  5. Thanks, Grumpy.
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