Power supply or mb issue

Hello, i recentley brought a new graphics card for my socket 775 mb. its a radeon hd 6850.

I plugged it in and nothing showed up on screen. Yes everything was plugged in properly. I took it out and plugged in my old graphics card again, one that dosent require a power connection and it still worked. Tried graphics card in mates cpu, it worked in his newer computer. Looked at the voltage ratings of power supply in bios setup and everything seemed normal.

this has me perplexed. graphic card works, motherboard works, and power supply seems to be working just fine.

is the card too new for 3-4 yr old MB despite it still fitting into pcie slot?
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  1. it may not be providing enough power in your powersupply, what rating is it?
  2. its 500 watts supply providing power to gigabyte p5ne MB, e4500 cpu, sata 500gig hd, and radeon hd 6850. last i checked power supply is within range with extra to spear
  3. i did forget one important thing. My computer has been crashing abit lately, either freezing, or shutdown with blue screen death thing. But i always figured this was cause the Graphics card couldn't handle todays new games, which is when it happens, dosent freeze or shut down when not playing games. hence, i brought a new graphics card
  4. Your PSU might be too old to handle the new GPU. All parts aging after few years usage. One of my PC after 3 years, problems started to arise. Maybe is the time for you to get new motherboard. Sorry for not much helping can give to you!
  5. I agree, it looks like a PSU problem.

    some 500watts generic psus are just labelled as 500w, but they can't go over 300W, so with time and capacitor aging it starts to show problems just like those, and will not be able to handle a graphics card...

    Check with another psu if you can (more powerfull), also i think it is time to change your cpu e4500 will probably be bottlenecking this video card, and you will not properly use it so besides PSU, i would recommend changing motherboard/cpu.
  6. It's most definitely a PSU problem, the PSU will deteriorate over time, especially generic no name ones.
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