Cooling / Temperature Problem After Installing GPU.

Hi, not sure if this is the right Category, if not I apologise... here goes.

I've recently purchased a pre-built system, it has a i7-2600, 8GB of DDR3 (1333) and a 2TB HDD, but came with no discrete graphics.

I am not currently in a position to purchase a new graphics card but I do have a old 8800GT 512 that I have installed a few hours ago, however this has SIGNIFICANTLY increased my temperatures inside my machine.

Prior to installing the GPU i was getting 40-50c whilst idle and maxing out at around 65c on full load however, now with the 8800GT inside my idle temperatures are alot higher, around 77c for the GPU and 70 for the processor - however whilst playing games (WoW and Diablo III) the GPU is reaching up to 96c and the CPU up to 85 - as well as all the other components reported by SpeedFan in the 50-80 region.

Now I have done a little research and it seems that in terms of the 8800, 95~, although not desired of course is not un-heard of and not particularly dangerous or worrying - however i was wondering if anybody had any ideas why the rest of my machine has / is heating up so much and how much of a worry this is, and whether I need to do anything about it.

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  1. Also - after posting this and switching back to speedfan I have noticed the temperatures have stayed around 78c for the GPU and 70c for the CPU... worrying?
  2. I would say post your full system specs. 70's is kinda high in my opinion unless your under load.

    Above is the link to the machine, from a look inside when I installed the graphics card all I remember noticing is that it was a Foxconn motherboard (yay -,-) and the CPU cooler was 'aftermarket' as such as in it wasn't the standard cooler you would receive in a retail i7 packet, but was some other generic cooler of some sort. MicroATX motherboard i should have mentioned but the case is quite a bit bigger so there is quite a lot of space, there is a rear exhaust fan (i think) but aside from that i couldn't list any other specific components, however I can find out if you think that would be a good idea.

    Makes me regret buying a pre-built -,-.
  4. From the link you gave I would say a major problem is that there is no air coming in from the front which would help with airflow through the case and to cool the graphics card. Can you tell how many case fans are inside? I suspect probably two.
  5. I think we have found the problem then, there is indeed no air coming from the front, nor a way to fit a fan in the front, and i just took the side panel off while the machine was off to see if that will help the airflow and there are actually no fans at all besides the PSUs own fan and the CPU cooler, (and of course the fan on the 8800) so no real airflow at all going on except the PSU acting as a very weak exaust.

    Im geussing fitting case fans seems like a good idea, but i can only see space under the power supply for a fan there.

  6. Wow, a 60 idle temp is pretty high but I can only guess that it is normal after you added in the GPU.
  7. I'm guessing it is a top mounted PSU so adding a fan under the PSU won't do much good. Is there any room on the back for a case fan?
  8. Here is a screenshot of speedfan shortly after restarting the machine to remove the side panel, only chrome with 1 tab is running.
  9. Yeah, you should be able to add a fan in. Is the PSU top mounted or bottom mounted?
  10. Yeah - i didnt mean directly under the PSU (unless you was refering to what i am about to show) on the left of this image - that grille there matches what i have on my case, i could fit a fan there?
  11. Nothing is wrong, those temperatures are perfectly acceptable.

    I would do a reinstall of the cooler though.
  12. Engima said:
    Yeah, you should be able to add a fan in. Is the PSU top mounted or bottom mounted?

    It's bottom mounted.


    Make sure the fan is facing downward if there are vents in your case that allow you to do that.
  13. Sounds good, ive got a fan from my previous machine that should hopefully fit, but its a little loud, if it helps I shall invest in a nice shiny new one... and just to check: im going to want this fan to be drawing hot air out of the back of the machine and therefore cooler air from the side?
  14. @amuffin, a reinstall of the GPU cooler? or the CPU?
  15. CPU cooler.
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