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Names JP, Im a savvy PC guy, plays games, runs a minecraft server, and gerneally a PC guy. But here is my problem. I bought a third monitor for my pc. My pc has 2 ATI HD 5770's, and i can run dual monotrs just fine. But when i tried to add the third one it wont let me. I have tried to reinstall drivers, tweak settings (All of them) and that danf third monitor wont be reginized. These cards are a year old, and i do have a budget of 300 dollars to get a new one.

My questons
Should i get 2 good cards so i have crossfire back and triple monitors?

Or just buy 1 card for the triple monitor setup?
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  1. Well crossfire or SLI will be the best bang for the buck. One single card wil have less problems including microstutter. If you play the newer AAA games u are going to need a lot of power for triple setup and decent framerates. I'm guessing it would be at 5760x1080.
  2. How did you try to connect the third monitor. You actually need to use DP.

  3. yes eyefinity requires you to used display ports for the third monitor.
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