I Can't Find My Triangle :) lol

Hey guys today I got my new computer parts at home and when I was going to install my i5-3570k in my Asus Sabertooth z77 I couldn't find the triangle on the motherboard. PLEASE help. I feel like a major newb

THANKS!!! lol

ALSO I'll keep this thread updated on things I'll need help with throughout the night!
Thanks again,
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  1. I don't recall if the Asus boards have triangles marked but the CPU and socket also have two little notches.

    Here's a bigger pic :)
  2. I only see one notch on the cpu bottom left
  3. Don't think there's a notch in the corner... see the two encircled above.
  4. I see it now :) Lol I wasn't even thinking!! Thanks for the help! Like I said I'll keep this updated with all the things I might need help with throughout the night :D
  5. No worries, we're all noobs at some point. You'll be fine :)
  6. Phew! I put the cpu in. It was pretty scary!! :)
  7. Oh and when I put in the CD Drive do I just "pop" the shield thing off in front of the case?
  8. Yeah.
  9. Ok I didn't want to break it :) What about the H100 on the mounting bracket theres a little plastic under the bolts do I take it off?
  10. No. I'm not familiar with that cooler but I'm guessing it's insulation.
    Check the manual, lol.
  11. Yeah, there is no "actual" manual just a installation.
  12. Ok, I pulled it up... so more like 8 pictures :)

    The cooler looks pretty sweet. Unfortunately, beyond overkill for my needs.
  13. It's overkill for me too! I just got it so I could get the Non LP Corsair Ram and very good stability for stock clock speeds
  14. This universal mounting bracket is a MAJOR PAIN to put on the back of the mobo! It will not go on!! lol
  15. Whatever you do, don't force anything. And I think you've redefined the term 'overkill' :D
  16. Ahaa! Yeah I know but, when I get the 3 little pin things the other won't go in at all!!
  17. How many stand offs are you supposed to have because I only have 4....
  18. Ok I finally got them in. But, now when I try to put the mobo in the case it like doesn't even fit
  19. Ok I finally got them in. But, now when I try to put the mobo in the case it like doesn't even fit
  20. Been having problems accessing the site... anyone else? :??:

    ATX boards typically require 9 standoffs. Refer to the manual... which case are you using?
  21. Corsair 500r
    And yeah
  22. Corsair 500R
  23. Wow Tom's is being VERY glitchy for me
  24. Same here, but seems to be slowly improving again. So how's the standoff situation looking... holes don't line up?
  25. I got it fixed now. Some were already in the case and I didn't notice. Thats all fixed now. I'm installing the The Radiator of the H100. I am having a few problems though. I don't really know how to install it with the case I have :/
  26. It'll fit, somewhere... not sure where the ideal location is but here's one example with it installed on the top:
  27. I where to put it, it's just that the I don't know what spot I put the screws lol
  28. oh, lol... sorry. Wouldn't it just use the same holes from the two fans? Crikey, I really just need to shut up, you'll figure it out!

    People need to stream live video of their builds so we can watch lol
  29. I found em! I was trying to put the screws going down from the top it's the exact opposite! :) And YEah that would be cool to livestream builds xD
  30. I'm was kinda relieved to see the Frys here doesn't have the 500R currently in stock. It's 8:36, I could've made a break for it lol. Maybe I can sleep off my case fever.
  31. Ahaha! The second I saw this case I new it was the one :D I also have one question on the H100 theres a Molex where would I even plug that in?!!?
  32. Plug that into the PSU.
  33. It's too short and from the looks of it, I don't think it will even go in the PSU
  34. Particularly in a mid-tower you should have a couple connectors reaching that far... not sure where you're running the cables.

    Don't look at me... Jeff from the Corsair H100 demo video said to plug it into the PSU, lol.
  35. In the video it's at 3:39 the cord I'm talking about.... And lol
  36. Yeah, that's the one, looks like a standard molex connector.
  37. See here, you're not alone with your Molex battle :D

    Please promise you'll do better than the pic near the bottom.
  38. So what cord comes out of the PSU to the 2 pin molex thing?
  39. I'll venture to guess you're running a Corsair PSU as well? You'd think two of their own connectors would be a clean fit.
  40. I'll talk to you tomorrow about this :O I have to go now :O
  41. ok... take it easy
  42. The connector will go into the PSU. It just means that the H100 only needs 2 of the 4 pins to work.
  43. I don't have enough confidence to do this anymore.... :/
  44. What happened... where's the problem?
  45. Nothing has happened yet. I just feel really really confused with the Psu I have since it's completely modular
  46. What model is it?
  47. XFX ProSeries 1000w
  48. Well, I don't want to push you. I'm just willing to help, as are others. It's your call, of course.

    If you look at the cables from your PSU, it will seem like A LOT of crap and it may freak people out on their first build. I was a little intimidated myself the first time around. All these cables with different connectors... where the hell do they all go.

    Maybe this will help...

    According to your manual, your XFX1000 comes with:

    Modular FDD is for Floppy Disk Drives, which you probably don't have. That's already two you can ignore.

    Modular Motherboard Con: 20+4 pin > Your board's 24 pin connector

    Modular Peripheral (up to 8) > These are the molex... so far, you only need 1 for your cooler and can ignore the others

    Mosular SATA (up to 11) > For your SSD/HDD/DVD drives, you'll probably only need 2-4 of them

    Modular 6+2 pin (PCI-E) > These go into your GPU, if needed. You don't have your GPU yet, so you can ignore those too

    Modular ATX12V (4+4 pin) / EPS12V (8 pin) > The ATX 4+4 pin plugs into your board, you can ignore the 8pin EPS

    If you look at all those cables and group them by connectors-type, it may suddenly not seem like so many.
  49. Ok I got all the Cords separated. Do you know of a way I can take a picture with my iPhone and upload it somewhere so I can show you where I am?
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