Need help with a strange problem

Not sure where to start, but here goes. I picked up a new msi 7870 gpu a couple of weeks ago. Justa week after getting it it started to crash (black screen and had to reboot). i tried drivers and even installed new OS. The gpu is cool even in games (under 50c). Ram memtest all passed. So after a few days I figured it was a bad gpu, so I rma back to newegg. Got the new one yesterday, and played BF3 (3 games) and a couple of other games with no issues. So today I played games as usal and after a couple of hours of gamming, it did the same kind of crash. I can run my EVGA 470 just fine.

It plays well say durring 2-3 hours of play, them some times it won't go 15 min until it crashes.

i contacted msi and they said the gpu may not be compatible with my MB and to contact ASUS. I contacted ASUS, and there saying that a 3.0 gpu may not be compatible with my 2.0 MB. I have been told its backwards compatible.

ASUS sabertooth x58 MB
i7-975 4.2
6gb crucal balistics ddr3 triple channel ram
antec 650w
spinpoint f3 500gb
gpu EVGA 1280mb 470 (old card (msi 7870 new card)
windows 7 64

Any ideals?
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  1. Have you made sure to uninstall the nvidia drivers and install amd ones?
  2. Yes I did uninstall the nvidea driver and installed the newest 12.4 CCC/driver.
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