I7-950 Average Idle Temp.

Hey, I am kind of new to this but I was wondering if my i7-950 CPU idle temperature is normal. It runs at around 42C on average at 3999.62 mhz clock (173.90x23.0), idle load is around 27% usually. Here are my PC components:
ASUS Sabertooth x58
Corsair Dominator GT 12GB Kit (6x2GB)
EVGA GTX670 Superclocked 4GB
Corsair HX850
Corsair H80
OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
Hitachi 7200RPM 1TB
Seagate 7200RPM 750GB
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  1. Idle temps don't matter, load temps do.
  2. Okay under load, I usually get around 70C. Does that seem normal?
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