PSU or MOBO issues. Help.

Hello. I recently built my pc 2-3 months back as a noob. After reading about similar issues; I need some confirmations, ideas, suggestions to whether what can be up with my pc. First issue with the pc was that the psu starts up and boots for a few sec and then reboots afterwards(psu still running). Fans do not turn on aswell. I attempted to unplug and plug in the pci connector to the mobo and it works, but it'll eventually have the same issue later on. Some other issues that came along afterwards was the pc freezing with loud noise coming from speakers and won't boot up unless I toggle on the PCi connector which took some adjustments. With this happening it also DC the Internet connection on my laptop, which is in the same room. Last and most recent issue is the monitor that isn't displaying anything(hdmi connected to gpu). I'm assuming it is the psu or mobo and I would really like to test everything, but I don't have the resources. Gpu or cpu doesnt seem to be overheating as all the fans are working. Help or any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thx

-psu corsair tx750w
-mobo asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3
-CPU Intel i5 2500k(stock as of now)
-gpu evga gtx 670 ftw
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  1. It might be RAM or mobo. Have u run any memory testers and checked for stability ?
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