Power Surge on USB Port after moving computer to a new case. Help?

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To the problem. I just received my new case (Thor V2) in the mail, as well as my new RAM (8GB's of 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance). So those are the only new pieces of hardware I have. The problem I have is now that I've moved my computer into the new case, once Windows is started, and everything is running, I get a pop-up message in the lower right hand corner that says:

"Surge on USB Port - USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port", which leads me to click on the option, and all it says once I enter the screen is show a list of 10 different USB Ports (all saying "unused"), and then one of the USB Ports says "Unknown Device", and it is also the bolded Port that apparently has this problem. My only options are to click "close" which says it will disable the port, and it will no longer be usable. Or "reset", which will reset the port and attempt to fix it.

I have tried both options, and either one I choose, I get the same pop-up warning again about 3-5 minutes later. The port it shows in the dialogue says it's a USB 3.0 port, so I've disconnected all my items from all my USB 3.0 ports, and I still get the error. I have also tried disconnecting all the USB ports that came with the case, and left only my motherboards USB ports active (as I didn't have this problem before the new case/ram installation) and I still get the same error.

The only other things that have changed, besides my case and my RAM, are of course the different connections that come with most all new computer cases, such as the audio plug, and the HDD LED Light, PWR Switch, Reset Switch, etc, but I can't think that any of those would cause the problem. So I'm wondering, why all of a sudden, with nothing but a new case, and new RAM, would my USB Ports be giving me a problem?

It's probably worth it to note that nothing seems to happen when this error comes up. The only USB Devices I have connected are my Mouse, Keyboard, and Wireless Adapter. I have also connected my USB Thumb Drive in one of the front ports of the case, and it seemed to work for the whole five minutes I had it plugged in. But when the error message comes up, none of my USB Devices stop working.

So aside from disconnecting all my additional USB 2.0/3.0 Ports, that are connected via pins on the motherboard, what else could I try? Nothing seems to be getting rid of the problem at the moment. I really have no idea what could cause this.

One other thing I was thinking it COULD be is maybe my PSU is not powerful enough to support all of my hardware, however, I'm using pretty much all the same stuff I had in my old case. This new case does have bigger fans, and four fans in total, while my older case had only three fans, and two were just smaller 120mm fans. But I don't really see that being the issue.

Someone told me that I should just turn off the notification in Windows so it no longer pops up every five minutes, since it doesn't seem to be affecting any of my USB devices at all, but I can't help but think that's not necessarily a good idea. If there is something wrong I'd rather get it fixed than just ignore it.

Anyway, thanks for any help you can provide!
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  1. did the new case come with a new PS? that may be the culprint. or perhaps the motherboard is shorting out on something in the case like a standoff??
  2. nhasian said:
    did the new case come with a new PS? that may be the culprint. or perhaps the motherboard is shorting out on something in the case like a standoff??

    No new PSU with the case, still using my same old PSU which is an Antec 650W PSU. There was one loose (power?) cable in the new case, which is red and black wires, and looks to be like it was connected to a fan, which since it's been (ripped?) off I'm assuming that's the reason the fans LED's don't work.

    I could have connected the +/- wires wrong, for the Power Switch/Reset Switch/HDD LED/etc, but I just connected them how I always have. And would that cause a problem with the USB Connections? I really can't think of anything else I changed, or that came with the case, that could've messed the USB Ports up somehow.
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