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HAF 932, side fan or no, best airflow?, positive or negative pressure?

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September 4, 2012 7:34:19 AM

So I found this amazing site, where you can actually buy a side panel window for the HAF 932.

I feel that the side fan isn't necessary and just want to replace it with the side panel window because it looks cool. I think that the side fan will interfere with the airflow. If I install the window panel, which eliminates the side fan, then the airflow would mainly be one direction, from bottom intake front to rear and top exhaust. Since I don't have my build yet, I don't know how my CPU noctua heatsink and radeon hd 7950 will interfere.

Also, I could make use of the side fan as an intake.

Can you explain the best airflow setup for the HAF 932 and is the side fan necessary? Also do you use it as positive or negative pressure airflow?
I need some education in this area? Thank you.
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September 5, 2012 12:35:45 AM

I run an overclocked gtx460 1gb in mine with the side window installed and a 1055t overclocked to 3.8ghz most of the time. I only have heat issues in the summertime as my computer room is not heated or cooled. I just turn off the CPU OC. The 932 is an excellent case but lacks dust filters. My fans are all stock.
Loads temps on your card and mine are about the same at stock settings.
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September 5, 2012 12:55:33 AM

I personally prefer positive air pressure, especially if your case has dust filters. The reason being - all intakes with dust filters = 'clean' air inside the case creating positive air pressure. This would force the air inside to escape out of any open area leaving your case almost dust free.

Negative air pressure - all fans are outtakes, however, air is being taken in by any open space available, which may leave your case dusty.

There are some better explanations out there if you look for them :lol:  so I apologise if this left you confused.