Windows 7 crashes with no error screen consistently.

Hi all,

I upgraded my Athlon II X3 435 and MSI mobo to the Bulldozer FX-6200 and Gigabyte 990XA-UD3. I only had this working for hours as it crashed every time it was running. There was no consistency to the crash, it would not happen after a certain time or a certain load. The temperatures were being lively monitored and it hovered between 25-35 for the most part, never got above 45.

I updated the BIOS, had many issues where I was forced to reinstall the OS. I had difficulty with this for a long time but a chkdsk (which returned no errors) managed to resolve the issue.

Since then, I did have one boot where it crashed at the Windows logo, but it has ran smoothly, besides the crashing. Like I say, there is no consistency to when it cuts out. No timing or temperature or load consistency whatsoever, it could just as easily crash when running at 1% load, 23 degrees and having just booted up. Or an hour later under full load with high temps.

There are a few peculiarities in my setup and the issues i've had that I think should be of note:

Firstly, the motherboard takes a 20+4pin main motherboard power lead, and an additional 8 pin socket for the CPU. The 8 pin socket currently only has a 4pin connector as I need to upgrade my power supply. I have checked this online and it seems this should make a major if any difference.

The temp fluctuation is surely odd? To fluctuate between24/35 degrees celsius in less than a second is nothing ive seen before? I know some people have mentioned that AMD's chips arent entirely flat and dont make 100% contact with the heatsink/fan?

Also, the one thing I do notice, every time I get the chance, is that the CPU clock is at 3800 when it crashes, which gave me the idea that maybe I have a setting disabled/enabled in BIOS that prevents my new CPU hitting its 'turbo speed' of 4100 and leads to the crash? Is that a realistic possibility?

The PSU is a 500W ATX and beyond the above components I only have 2 HDD's and a GTS 250 so nothing demanding that it cannot handle. The disk is 2 years or so old but I do not think it is that as it was running fine until all these changes.

Please advise what I can do and what any solutions could be?

Also, all temps (GPU, assembly, chipset) are reasonable, so the temps are real.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Does the mobo support BD processors?
  2. Yes
  3. Lower your overclock. The 435 runs at 2.9Ghz stock and 3.8 to 4.2 is right around the max for air cooling. You have yours set to 3.8 with a 4.1 turbo you say.
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