Laptop Function keys not working (CapsLock, Volume up/down/mute, wireless on/off

I have a Dell Studio 1555 laptop with Wondows XP and after installing Norton 360 it was having problems. Norton support expert worked remotely on my computer and somehow changed my keyboard from F009M LCD-KYBD to Standard 101/102 keyboard. How do I get it back to the F009M LCD Keyboard? I have tried uninstalling keyboard and when it first searches it comes back unknown then it goes back to the 101/102 standard keyboard. I don't have the original disks to try right now as I moved and its in storage somewhere. I also tried system restore and it will not let me restore back to before this so called expert worked on my computer. Please Help! Any ideas on How I can get it back to the F009M LCD Keyboard? Thanks!
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  1. download latest dell keyboard drivers.
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