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Do you think AMD 7000 series will price drop when Kepler is released?

hi, I was just think about the 7000 series vs. the soon to be Kepler range and was wondering under what circumstances would amd be prepared to lower the price range because the is no doubt that the kepler range will be better than the amd range purely because they are releasing later on.

What do you think?
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  1. iknowhowtofixit said:
    No, because I personally think that Kepler is going to trade blows with Pitcairn. Kepler was not originally intended to be the flagship GPU. The GTX 780 will technically be the flagship GPU when it comes out later this year. The GTX 680, while it may perform comparably, is only named that for marketing purposes. Internally, it was supposed named the GTX 660 Ti, or something, to start out with. I'm not trying to start a fanboy war hear, this is my opinion about what I have read around the internet. You, the world's most "reliable" news source.

    If AMD does drop their prices, it won't be by much and it won't be immediately. I still have a feeling that there will be a convenient performance driver for Pitcairn when Kepler comes out.

    That makes no sense, Kepler is the name given to the architecture not a specific GPU.
  2. Depends on the pricing. They'll keep price/performance similar in areas. The real question will be if Nvidia can match the power consumption / performance of the AMDs.
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    I think that Nvidia will try to attack AMD on both performance and price with the Kepler architecture.,14642.html This link suggests that you might see 45% gain over the 7970 with the GTX 680. given that the 7970 is currently $550-600, if the 680 dropped around these price points and the estimate is correct, AMD would almost HAVE to drop the price on the 7970 to compete in the high end market.
  4. iknowhowtofixit said:
    Ok, the GK104 (aka GTX 680).

    So how many cards will end up using the GK104 GPU? How many cards have used GF114? How many used G92? It's not a good idea to assign a GPU number to a specific card before the whole line/series is out.
  5. Quote:
    I really doubt a 45% gain over the HD7970 is going to happen...

    So do i, but nevertheless, that chart hypothetically helps make my point.
  6. iknowhowtofixit said:
    I'm not sure what your motives are for doing so, but it sure feels like you are trying to pick a fight or something here. I know you are fully aware of the point I was making. Feel free to ban me if my opinion differs from yours.

    I'm wondering why you are assigning the name Kepler to a single GPU when there will will be several GPU's that will all be built on the same arch. :heink:
  7. If the GK104 would launch this month as the 660 or 670 at 299 leaving the GK110 to launch as the 680, then yeah I could see AMD being forced to lower prices across the board. That's not going to happen though since the GK104 is going to launch as the 680 and should be a good bit pricier. If the 680 proves a little bit better (or more) than the 7970 AND has decent availability it could force 7900 price cuts. I wouldn't be surprised if AMD released driver updates to spoil nVidia's party though in order to sell a few more cards at those higher margins. Even so it probably won't affect 7800 and 7700 series cards much till nVidia releases the rest of their lineup. We'll just have to see how competitive Kepler based cards are before speculating on price drops.
  8. yeh i kind of agree AMD must have something up there sleeve, they must have known that releasing there cards earlier than NVidia would have the advantage of being the best card at the moment but they must have also know that doing so would mean that there cards could be superseded by NVidia.

    Also do the drivers really make that much off a difference? I kind of thought that is way all down to the hardware.
  9. I completely forgot about optimization but I wasn’t sure if it was related to the drivers I know that different games are optimized differently.

    Cheers learnt something new :D
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  11. I predict the 7970 dropping around 350-400$ post Kepler.
  12. Quote:
    You predict wrong cause Nvidias high end card will be priced well over Radeon HD 7970 therefor Radeon will not have to drop in price it's called "fixing" and this has been done for years with Ati/Radeon and Nvidia not price drops sorry.

    So nVidia will charge what ? 800 dollars for their next card ? Get real.

    Top of the line Kepler will be priced at exactly what the 7970 charges today, and AMD will have to drop prices because they will be outperformed.
  13. Quote:
    Only in a fanboy world but in the real one the 8800 GTX, GTX 280/285, GTX 480 , GTX 580, GTX 680 were/are all priced way higher than Radeon why do you fathom anything different this time around when history proves every time Nvidia will overcharge onto of Radeon.

    Get your facts straight because you are the one living in a fantasy world. nVidia top of the line single-gpu cards are always priced at around 550 dollars at launch. I know it because I have bought several of them in the past.
  14. I would imagine there could be a slight price drop, but only if the 680 GTX (presumabley named) can outperform the 7970 significantly. Which is unlikely. A 45% increase in performance over the 7970 is a little bit ridiculous, even for synthetics, real world games I would imagine a 5-10% increase if far more realistic. In some game I would expect the 7970 to outperform the 680, as the 6790 did with the 580 GTX in some games that AMD worked closely with the devs.

    Assuming there are only minor differences and they are priced similar then brand loyalty will play a large factor, maybe a 50$ drop on the 7970 to persuade Nvidia fans.
  15. Quote:
    Funny cause the 8800GTX was around $700 @ it's launch the 285 and 480 I am not so sure the pricing of them but it was more than the Radeons of the time. That being said and I am not hating on Nvidia I am just being real and I never said 680 will be $800 you did I think the 680 it will MSRP for around $700 @ it's launch IMO. I was also gonna state that generally Nvidia has outperformed Radeon in the high end every time however this time I am not so sure it will happen because Radeon has really stepped up there game this time with the 7xxx series the 7970 in particular and pushed the bar higher than they ever have in the past. Can Nvidia answer the call cause the phones ringing only time will tell GPU market but it is really exciting right now in the GPU market that's a fact.

    I've had 2 8800GTX cards in SLI back in 2006, and I didn't pay the numbers you suggest. Perhaps a super-clocked edition with custom coolers could fetch more, but a regular top of the line vanilla edition retails for around 550$. You are correct that nVidia cards usually cost a little more than their Radeon counterparts. But its usually 550$ for nVidia vs 350-450$ for the Radeon card. 700$ is not realistic. Heck, even the supe-duper-clocked water-cooled EVGA models retail for less than that.

    Regarding 7970 performance, please keep in mind that as a 28nm product it is supposed to massively outperform 40nm products like the GeForce 500 series. With that said I am not impressed with the numbers. 7970 is faster but not massively faster. That is why I expect Kepler to be faster than 7000 series.
  16. My Club3D 8800 GTX cards were 550$ each in 2006. GTX 480/580 was 550$ at launch. I don't know if you live in Canada and have to pay more because of that. I am sorry if that is the case. With that said, this conversation doesn't lead anywhere. When Kepler launches, simply go to Newegg and see how much they retail for.

    Have a nice day.
  17. I am sorry to hear about your situation in Canada. Regardless, my claims are not false, yours are. As a matter of fact you proved it yourself. $599 is not $700 and for the record, anyone who bought an 8800GTX back then, will tell you they went for less than $600. I know I paid $550 for mine. Are you gonna call me a liar or what? Now, when Kepler launches, please consult Newegg for pricing. NVIDIA consumer single-gpu cards don't cost 700 dollars.
  18. Quote:
    What about the XFX for $649 MSRP and Canada is fine and prospering it is south of the boarder with the +15Trillions in debt numbers LOL get it right MSRP is a suggested baseline price not what Retailers and Etailers actually charge which is always a bit higher than the MSRP LOL

    That is a factory overclocked card sir. And it still isn't at the $700 you suggest. Reference models were widely available at below $600 as has been the case for all nVidia generations since then. If you really want to pay 700 dollars for an nVidia card, I am sure you will find someone to accommodate you. The rest of us will stick with the lower prices that are widely available.
    I am glad to hear that your fine country is doing splendid.
  19. Back then - CDN $ was only worth US$0.70.
    Do the math.
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