Please suggest an easy to build Mid Tower

Hi all.

I need a mid-tower soon.
It will have Micro-ATX, 4 3.5" drives (RAID5), a SSD, DVD-RW, and a high-end video card. With good airflow and cable management (under the motherboard). No liquid cooling (done with that)
This is easy to find.

The hard part is I can't stand needing to take apart the whole PC just to replace a hard-drive, DVD, RAM, etc.
Some 3.5” drive bays have tool-less locks, but they face the graphics card so I need to remove the card to remove a drive.
Do I expect too much??

Any ideas?

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  1. What graphics card are you using? Also what is your budget? I would get the HAF 912. It has really nice tool-less drives that shouldn't get in the way of your graphics card.
  2. this is the case I am using (system in my Sig) I'm very happy with it.
  3. Thanks for the posts!

    The card is a GTX 680 and the budget is unlimited (without being silly).
    Let me check your suggestions!
  4. Hi again.

    The cases look great. But I'm not sure if it's possible for the CoolMaster to have a 11" / 270mm card AND lots of drive bays at the same time? Just not described clearly.

    The Fractal Design "Supports graphics card lengths up to 260mm when removable upper HDD-bay is in place"

    Do I need a FULL Tower if I want this kind of space?
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