Eyefinity vs 3dvision

Hi! just curious what most people use or would have,,,
to be more helpful i'd suggest to compare an eyefinity setup with 3 ~22' monitors and ati 7970 vs a ~32' 120hz 3Dvision monitor with a 780(?). Assuming both setups cost around the same
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  1. 3D gives headaches after prolonged periods, so i'm going with eyefinity.
  2. I use 3D vision, and do not get headaches as long as you can maintain 50+ FPS (which I always make sure I do).

    That said, AMD doesn't use 3D vision, it uses HD3D and neither systems will work well with a TV due to connection limitations.

    One of the major reasons I choose 3D vision (or HD3D) is that I get motion sickness and headaches with low FPS and having over 60 FPS improves the issues a lot. At 90 FPS I get no motion sickness at all. Going Eyefinity makes maintaining even 60 FPS much harder. With a 120hz monitor, I either get 3D or high FPS, both of which are desirable for me.
  3. Can't stand 3D vision for longer then 30mins before I cannot handle it.
    But I do love playing games like BF3 and ME3 on 3x 24" LCD's in Eyefinity on a 7970
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