HAF 922 , Corsair 400r or NZXT Phantom 410

Hi guys,

Im stuck on which case to get the HAF 922, Corsair 400R or the NZXT Phatom 410. I live in Australia and both the HAF 922 and 400R cost the same whilst the phantom costs $10 more.

Also I have read the recent case reviews

Which one will you guys pick and why!

Thanks for the replies in advance!
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  1. I would personally go for the Corsair 400R. Out of personal knowledge on these cases, i seem to notice better build quality out of Corsair. Plus Corsair builds their cases now for flexibility if you ever want to go Liquid Cooling.
  2. They should all do what you want pretty well.

    I would probably get the Phantom out of those.

    I have heard of some problems with the mounts in the 400r and I am not a big fan of the cages in the 922.

    I like the cages in the Phantom and I have only heard good reviews of NZXT cases. Everyone that gets one seems to love it. Could just be people trying to like things they spent a lot of money on, though.

    I have a PC-K59 myself and its everything I could ever want out of a case. You might want to consider adding that to your list. You can get it a lot cheaper than the ones you are considering and it has everything I like about the cases under consideration.
  3. Ohh okok the Raiddinn whats a cheaper alternative but at a cheaper price tag?
  4. What are you trying to put in the case?

    What is sufficient really depends on what is going to be in there. 4x 680s SLI needs a whole lot better case than 1x 680 does or 1x 550 TI for that matter.

    The one I said, PC-K59 is good enough for most things those cases you said are good for, as a start.
  5. I got the same cpu and mobo as you, G skill 8 GB coolermaster evo 212 kingston 60gb ssd wd blue 1tb old GPU (Gtx 560) antec 750W psu I do plan on upgrading my GPU and go for a sli later on
  6. CM 690 II Advanced.
  7. 3 people don't count for the entire forum!
  8. I still havnt come to a decision on which case to get, amuffin I like the case you suggested but from the surrounding stores that case costs more than the phantom 410!

    Help me out guys! I want to get the case asap! Thanks!
  9. Hm, weirdut usually costs $60-70..
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