What is wrong with my ASUS GTx 560 TI DCII?

It works perfectly fine and runs my game smoothly and then the next day it starts lagging like crap. I had to reinstall the driver again by completely uninstalling the driver by add and remove program and then I update to latest driver. It works perfectly fine for LESS than a day and it starts lagging again! Then I reinstall the driver and it works perfectly fine again, what the hell is going on?!
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  1. Ok on your nest install of the driver when it comes to the choise of recomended or custom choose custom and then click on clean install. Also using the add/remove program is not that good.

    I will link you to a driver sweeper program that is free. Just a few questions. Does this start to happen after you have been on it all day or does it happen while in a game or something else?

    The reason I ask is mabe it is your temps are to high. Also could you post all of your system spec's. Ihope this helps and good luck.

  2. ASUS smartdoctor tells temp of gpu and it NEVER hit over 120 degree farenheit. i used the heatsink that came with i3 2130 with the pre applied thermal compound.

    i3 2130
    2x4gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz & 2x2gb kingston 1333mhz
    gtx 560 ti dcii
    asus p8z68v pro/gen3
    18" dell monitor at 1280x1024 res
    corsair enthusiast 750w psu
    3 antec 3 speed fan
    2tb western digital caviar green
    500gb western digital caviar blue
    250gb western digital caviar blue (cant enter it, but device manager detects it)
    asus DVD-RW 24x
    windows 7 64bit oem version

    Also, once my monitor screen started being all color distorted (screen flashing mainly green but also flashes pink, red, distorted pixel, screen was shifting up and down and left and right (basically shaking)) and computer froze, not sure if it had something to do with the GPU but thought it was something worth mentioning. Also, what does nest install mean?
  3. OOPs my bad on Nest install should read Next install. I get to typing so fast the words can't keep up some times or my brain can't keep up with the words I type anycase. lol.

    One or two things your drivers are not getting along with your GPU or your GPU is suffering from a heat problem. That would be my first guess. There could be a whole lot of other issues.

    But lets start with this one. Use the driver sweeper I linked you to. Then reinstall the drivers that are the latest one's. When you come to where you have two choises The top one shows something then at the end it shows recomended.

    The bottom one show Custom. Click on Custom then hit next and then look for clean install and click on that then hit nest and do what it asked you to do. Then see if your problem is still there.

    If it is then step two will happen.
  4. guru3d driver sweeper is discontinued so the download links are gone from the site, i did the clean install, now i have to wait a day to see if its fix, thanks for your help, i'll report back tomorrow
  5. Ok try this one and thanks for letting me know about that one.

  6. ARGG!!! Yesterday I use phyxion driver sweeper, I selected all NVIDIA and cleaned it. Then, I install new driver using clean installation. NOW IT'S LAGGING AGAIN!!!! I play Atlantica Online and Global Agenda, less than 4 times a day at 2 hours per time. My computer has also froze 2 times, one time after I close Atlantica and second time during windows update.

    Is it that my ram isn't compatible with my other ram? Or do I have a defective GPU or other hardware parts? I need to know if its my processor because I only have less than a day to return it.

    Also, I play both game in LOWEST setting and it still lags.
  7. To check your ram run mem test. I reall sorry that it didn't turn out to be the drivers. So now it is either yoiur PSU or your ram. The only way to test your PSU is with either a swap out or a volt meter.

    Did we talk about temps? Are your temps under 80c? Let me know in a short I will be back just going through my E-mail.

  8. To check your temps on your GPU, you can run MSI Afterburner. To stress test your GPU you can run MSI Kombustor. Wow you have two different speeds of ram. You should try only one stick at a time.

    If your temps are high it will cause the problems listed. The problem with PC's is it could acted out of wack and it could be a lot of different things that could cause it.

    Some are more level with hardwear problems. The heat caues all kinds of different symptoms. Also not all new drivers will work with you GPU. Sometimes you have to load an older driver.

    I had to run the 280.26 because the nest one up caused my computer to act all crazey. I haven't tried the newest one out. So I don't know how it will affect my GPU's.

    Is it your CPU or GPU you have less than a day with?



  9. I used ASUS PC diagnostic tool to stress my PC and memory, GPU passed. I use HWMonitor from cpuid.com to monitor my temps, none of the hardware barely even touches 60c, usually all stays around 40c.

    I ran memtest, took 35 minutes to complete, no error. I'm going to use 4x4gb corsair vengeance tomorrow and see if that would fix it.

    Also, I heard from someone in another forum saying that the ASUS utilities might be messing with the graphic driver after each reboot.

    If everything else fails, I'm going to go to safe mode and do a full scan with bitdefender and then disk defrag and disk cleanup, if that doesn't work, I don't know what is wrong with my PC, perhaps I should never even bother building my own PC.
  10. Well you did good on everything so far at least you know what is not the problem. If the ram doesn't do it then the only thing left is the MOBO but before you go all out try to roll back your driver and see if that doesn't help.

    You could reformat the hard drive and reinstall windowss. Sometimes that helps. On the ram test each stick in each slot to see if you are right on the money. I feel that the problem is right in front and we can't see it.

    Watch it is going to be something so simple it is going to make me feel so dumb. Here is a list of nVidia's old drivers well you have to in put some info before you can get to the old drivers.


    I am sorry that I wasn't able to fix your problem. I will still be looking for an answer and if you find the fix please let me know as that kind of info can go to help another person.
  11. Alrighty, it's fixed. Used 4x4gb corsair vengeance instead of 2x4 and 2x2.
  12. Well I am very glad to hear that Good job and Hats off to you on a good fix. Well enjoy your fun you earned it.
  13. hello there. im having the same problem here. i tested my gc with afterburner. the test was lag same with game i played everytime i move the mouse cursor. i had uninstall the driver and install it back with the way you suggested. but still the same problem. i use 2x2gb ram kingston and 2xgb ram gaming crossair 1333mhz both of them. but still the same problem. btw, i use the same graphic card with maxman. pls help me
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