Monitor shuts off when I get to login screen


Recently my PC has been turning off the monitor (no signal) when I reach the login screen, before this was happening I had red lights on my RAM/CPU but these have gone away since I re-seated everything as after a while things get loose, however it could be related.

Temps seem to be fine, before it started playing up the CPU hits around 45-50C playing Guild Wars 2 on max settings and the GPU's hit around 60-75. I Also recently attempted to restore the CPU to it's stock clock speeds as overclocking caused it to over heat on long game sessions, but I had it stable for around a year.

To be honest I am stumped as to what is causing the issue.

My rig contains:
Win 7
Intel i5 2500k
2 x GTX 460 1GB in SLI
2 x 4GB Crucial Vengence 1600mhz
Asus P6P67 Pro Mobo
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  1. I guess something is causing a short circuit in your motherboard. If your PC is not under warranty, open case, unscrew motherboard, disconnect everything except video out(monitor cable), ram, PSU connections to your motherboard and power on. Run for 2 mins. If it is not switching off then troubleshoot it by inserting each and every component back to its position, verifying each time
  2. I'll give it a try, no warranty, it's a home build.
  3. try switching the monitor to the other card first. After its booted of course.
  4. Well, I reseated the RAM and both GPU's and managed to get it going again, it worked for about 10-12 hours before deciding to cut out on me again about an hour ago, this time the LED's for the RAM and CPU were lit.
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