RAM Upgrade worth it?

Hello people of the forums. I currently have a build that I am wanting to upgrade with RAM.
My current specs

CPU: Phenom X4 980
GPU: Evga GTX 570
RAM: Gskill- 2X 1gigs and 2X 2 Gigs

I usually am playing Skyrim, Portal 2, and Bf3. So with this in mind, will adding 6 more gigs of RAM be a significant improvement? Thank you!
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  1. No. you already have total 6GB, you maybe try to 8GB or OC your CPU if you don't do yet.
  2. No.

    No games I know of can use more than 2 or 3gb by themselves.

    Added ram is heplful if you are running 64bit enabled apps, or a very high level of multitasking.
  3. What about like start up or loading times, because when I upgraded from 2 gigs to 6 I noticed a significant difference.
  4. 2 to 6 you will see a big improvement. From 6 to 8, load times won't improve much if at all, but some games and Windows will allow a little more to be loaded in to RAM and you may see a few FPS improvement. An article done last year I think showed that 8GB is the sweet spot for gaming performance. When you're picking RAM, get a fast set with lower latency (assuming it's compatible with your board), and make sure the BIOS is set correctly. Memory Profiles are usually a safe bet if you can use them.
  5. MrKopaka1016 said:
    What about like start up or loading times, because when I upgraded from 2 gigs to 6 I noticed a significant difference.

    Yes,you must have noted but going more then 6GB is not needed right now.6GB is quite efficient for any multi-tasking of the programs.

    The RAM memory is managed by Memory management system with other various controllers.When any application is executed the space on the memory decides the loading style of the application on the RAM so that the program can give you the output for the application executed .
    If you have pretty large amount of memory then the loader will load the application faster and will give you the result faster.But on the other hand, if the space on RAM is not adequate for the application to load at a time then that application is automatically divided into different different modules which swap themself among the memory and hard-disk to give you the execution or result to the user.

    This was the explaination for the significant increase in the start up or loading time when you upgraded from 2GB to 6GB.

    I don't think so that you require additional 6GB because I am still playing these on 4GB and they are running very smoothly.
  6. It seems to me that going from 6GB to 8GB will not give you a noticeable improvement. It seems like everyone else confirms this. Getting faster RAM may improve performance.

    Get the fastest RAM with the best timings. Usually the lower capacity sticks have better timings. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAS_latency has a chart to compare the different clock speeds and timings on a level playing field. This is the only chart I know of, anyone know a better one?
  7. More ram allows windows to keep more code in ram, available for instant reuse.
    That is why you saw an improvement.

    Nothing wrong with more ram, but you will see diminishing returns, and don't expect any improvement in FPS.
  8. Going from 2GB to 6GB definitely would've improved things. Going from 2GB to 4GB probably would've improved things almost the same amount. Once you're at 6GB and up, you're not going to notice much improvement, if any, except in a few specific cases (video encoding, etc.)
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