Is this a good PSU?

Hi, i am ready to buy this PSU but i want to know if it is good/stable?
I have seen great reviews and heard great things but i just need someone to tell its a great choice, i'm weird like that. I didnt want to spend £80 on 500-600w and i found this and it seems to be good.

Also i have bought this GFX Card

I want to future proof but i didnt want pay over out the ass and i got that for £283, there is still time to cancel if you guys can recommend a better one for less but that's fine if not :) I know how to build a PC but i dont know how to properly choose components to a certain extent :lol:

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The ZS series seems to have good reviews from the 3 or 4 sites that tested it, it'll be more than enough power for your card, and it's bronze rated so I think you'll do pretty good if you buy it.
  2. Thanks!
  3. The OCZ ZS is an OK PSU. For about the same price I would take a look at the XFX Core series of PSUs made by Seasonic. A 750W PSU is capable of supporting two HD 7970s in two way Crossfire. If you're not planning on CF, then a good quality 550W PSU is sufficient for your build and some the XFX Core 550W:
    A system with a single HD7970 and a highly OCd, power-hungry i7 965 consumed 373W at full load:
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