Need a new AGP 8x video card ASAP

I have an older Sony Vaio PCV- RZ40C1F and my ATI 9800 Pro 128 Mb card has slowly been dying.
Well yesterday it finally gave up the ghost, so I need a replacement.

How is this one??
Any other recommendations?
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  1. That is a nice card but it depends on what type of PSU you have and how many watts it is. That card requires a 400w PSU. But your PSU if it is smaller it still might work, just have to see what is on the 12v rail

    How many amps on the 12v rail that is all I need to know. All the info is on a sticker on your PSU you just have to look for the numbers 3.3v = 14a + 5.0v =17a + 12v =16a.

    I need the 12v one sometimes there are more than one 12v rails (12v1 and 12v2) Also here is some more AGP type cards. Let me know and I hope this helps a little.
  2. My PSU is 295 max 12V=17A

    Thanks. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Ok your 12v rail gives off 204w and the on load that card in newegg uses 64w so you are good to go with that card if that is the one you want. I always like the ones with fans. I keeps things cooler.
  4. Awesome. Thanks for your help.
  5. Know problem, anytime, you are welcome.
  6. Looking on newegg's site I was surprised to find so many AGP cards, and almost all of them are open box/return products lol. Ya, I think that is about the only GPU on there that I would purchase considering your PSU should take it. Should be a huge step up from the 9800Pro moving from 128MB to 1GB of ram (10x increase!)

    While you are throwing money at an old machine, consider maxing out the ram with 2GB (4x512MB) PC-3200 if you have not already. It supposedly came with 1GB, so you would just need a kit like this:

    A newer system drive (use acronis to move your system to the new drive) would breathe some new life into things as well, but then again I guess HDDs are still a little expensive these days. You need ATA100/133, so a new one like this:
    Or else an old referbished one like this:
    The newer one would be faster, but the older one would be faster than your current drive, and a lot cheaper... always hesitant about refurbished HDDs, but with PATA it is hard to pick anything else. Also, getting to the HDD in those Sony machines can be a bit tricky if memory serves right.
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