Is my pc badly outdated

Here is my pc specs
intel core 2 duo E7500 @ 2.93 ghz
ram - 2gb
hdd - 320 gb
mobo- asus p5kpl am in
gpu - saphire radeon hd 6670 1gb ddr5
psu- corsair vx 450w
monitor - samsung 20 inch lcd
every one says that my pc is highly outdated and i cannot play many latest games like gta 4 and arkham city , battle field 3 , crysis , assasin's creed brotherhood and many more but i have all the requirements the game demands , i agree with the motherboard its a cheap and old motherboard with a single pcie x 16 slot and maximum memory supported is 4gb ddr2 ( its dissapointing ) thats why i'm going to expand my memory to 4gb but i dont think other things are that bad like from 1990's please help me out .
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  1. If your computer is running everything you want it to at the quality you want to run it at, then it is fine.

    It is by no means a top of the line system, but forget your friends, if it does what you want, then who cares.

    But, if you do want to upgrade the system, then I wouldn't bother adding more ram to it. Last time I checked, DDR2 was expensive (due to limited supply, low production volumes) and you wouldn't be able to use it in a new computer you built.
  2. Agreed, if it fits your needs then fine. But it sounds like it isn't. Your PC will most likely not play modern titles that you mention. I would not bother spending any money on additional RAM.

    Save your money and buy a much mreo modern machine. Unfortunately, none of your components (other than possibly the HDD) will be salvageable for an upgrade.
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    Screw them. I was using A64 3400+ until I finally decided to get a new system with i5-2500K. Enjoy your system if it lets you play those games. Don't be so quick to compare yourself to others. If you can afford to upgrade, great, but mom and pops won't always be there to buy you stuff.
  4. Do you think it is slow for what you do? Who cares what other say.

    What is your budget for upgrades?

    Pretty sure that mobo is socket 775 and supports a Core 2 Quad CPU. You could always start there for a decent performance upgrade.

    Besides more RAM, other options are a faster HDD/SSD for a snappier fell in the OS and load times overall.

    EDIT: Correction. It looks like the recommendation PSU for a 6770 is 450w w/ 6pin connector. You could upgrade to that. Roughly a 25% performance bump overall from the 6670 have now, according to Tom's Gamer Index. Any card greater than a 6770 would require a 500w or greater PSU w/ 6-pin connector.
  5. DDR2 is twice the price as DDR3, but I'd hardly call it expensive. $50-60 tops for 4GB DDR2 800. Your PSU should be sufficient to pick up a decent GPU. Do you have a budget in mind, yet?
  6. The hardware is pretty "old" but you can run Diablo 3 whitout any problem hehehe :)
    Plus W.O.W. - Dota 2 - H.o.N. - L.o.L. and any FPShooter online whit mid setting, for sure!
  7. I agree with brett1042002 and SinisterSalad. Sell your old rams, get new rams(Step 1), upgrade HD to SSD;get reliable brands or a Hybrid Seagate HD. It will save you boot up time and launch time in many applications.
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  9. My pc does everything that i want it to do it with full speed , it plays game really well , movies , internet , music everything even it was able to emulate ps2 games with pcsx2 ( i have a ps2 so thats legal ) with full speed @ 60 fps in every game without a gpu at that time i had a intel chipset g31 256 mb ( a big feat ) , and it runs very fast i think better then my friends i5 beieve me i'm not joking i know its old but its a great and very trustable pc and i'm proud of it but i'm just fed up with those people who says my pc is old and retarted come i will show you what is called a good pc .
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