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how about an ASUS HD7750-1GD5 Radeon HD 7750 graphics along with my phenom IIx6 1045t , I am currently running ati 5450 which really sux my question is would the asus hd7750 radeon be sufficient enough an upgrade?
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  1. It would be an upgrade for sure. But what are you looking at doing with it? Or rather is it sufficient for what?
  2. ^+1
    It would be a 100 times better in up grade. As long as your PSU is good which it should be do the the 5450 and the new 7xxx series are using less power than the older series cards.
  3. the real question I guess is it sufficient for gaming , when I say gaming people sometimes assume you have to get top tier graphics or it just won't do....but I am looking at mid range......I want performance and to play these new and newer games without the choppiness i sometimes get with this 5450
  4. Yeah you will see so much difference in gaming. You should be able to go high. I can't get to the 5450 but I am using the 5750 card vs the 7750 so you can see the difference. So check it out.
  5. I will be an upgrade that big like when you put an V8 inside of a MiniCooper Lol. Not that insane, but surelly it will be a huge upgrade. And since the 7750 is no that power ungry i guess that with a 350-400PSU you will be able to run it and most of games at low resolution and high graphic lvl smothly :)! or at high lvl of resolution and medium graphic lvl.
  6. ok thanx guys
  7. what about this one the Sapphire 100316L Radeon HD 6790
  8. The HD7770 should be around the same price as a 6790 and is a bit faster especially in things like tessellation not to mention it uses less power. As far as the 6790 vs 7750 the 6790 is mostly faster but not always due to the differences in architecture between the two (GCN (HD7xxx series architecture) is just that much faster at certain tasks).

    The particular games you will see this in is StarCraft II, Skyrim, and Civilization V. The HD6790 will not be able to touch the HD7750 in those games. <-- the HD5770 is a lower clocked 6790 (6770 is a rebadged 5770 with an updated UVD chip and the 6790 is a higher clocked 6770)
  9. thanx for the link this is useful
  10. Quote:
    the HD5770 is a lower clocked 6790 (6770 is a rebadged 5770 with an updated UVD chip and the 6790 is a higher clocked 6770)

    You are pretty wrong dude. The HD 6790 is the 6850 "little brother". Its the same archicture but unly has 16 ROPS instead of 32. Everything else is the same. In performance the 6790 gets far way from the 6770 and its closer to the 6850. The big problem is the power usage, it usses almost the same and in some brands like HIS it uses more power than a 6850.

    Higher clocks yes, but also many others features as the 256 memory interface. For kratommonste the 7750 will be better only for the power usage, as it draws way less energy than a 5770 or a 6790 for the same performance.
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