Are these temperatures safe?


I recently have been playing Battlefield 3 on a ''lower end computer''.
Though the game runs pretty smooth on the computer, but I am a little bit worried if I am damaging my computer.
I do not now if this is even possible to damage your computer, but I just want to make sure that I just can keep playing when it reaches these temperatures.
My system specifications are:

Core 2 Duo E7600 @3.06GHz : at idle: Core 1=36c Core 2= 38c at full load: Core 1=54c Core 2=48c (I am worried, because I have never seen them being so hot)
GTX 550 TI : at idle: 35c at full load: (around) 75c
RAM : 4 GB

And, yes I know that a Core 2 Quad processor is highly reccomended, wich I will be getting within the two months, but I do not yet have the money for that.
So the Game runs at full load for my processor (100%) but the game keeps playable.
I play Battlefield 3 on a 1440x900 resolution and with everything on low, except for the textures that I have set on high.
Please tell me if I am damaging my system, because this really keeps me from playing Battlefield 3.
Thank you.
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  1. Those temps are perfectly fine for your system.
    Set a custom fan profile on msi afterburner to help with gpu temps, but everything looks fine as far as your max.temps go. If you were to reseat your cpu cooler with new thermal compound you may see more consistent and lower temps over both cores
  2. just to be 100% sure :sarcastic: I can just keep playing without that I am harming anything?
  3. yes you are fine, your system will shut down before anything bad happens and those temps are perfectly fine.
    My 980be hits 47ish at peak and my 570 runs around 70 so Youre ok
  4. Thank you for your help :)
  5. Np happy gaming
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