Low GPU usage on every game

well i currently have the problem of low gpu usage on every single game i get about 50 to 70 % usage but rarely goes above 50 i tried reinstalling win 7 and older nvidia drivers but no joy i tried my old card (4770) and usage is 99 on everygame by the way i have no cpu bottleneck my cpu doesn't reach 100 when playing it stays at about 70-80% thanks for anyone thats willing to help .

phenon 9950 be
gtx 560 ti twin frozr ii
biostar tf8200
4gb ddr2 mem
res im using is 1600X900
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  1. How many frames per second are you getting at what games and what settings?
  2. 70-80% usage on a quad core is imho clear sign of cpu bottlenecking. There can't be many games that can fully utilize four threads, personally I don't know any...

    Have you tried overclocking the cpu? Though first gen phenoms don't oc much...
  3. i have tried to oc but no difference and i get 30 -80 fps but it rarely goes that high
  4. Try to get the settings on any game you play as best as possible. Enable everything. And see what happens.
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