Unlocking AMD PHII X3 safe?

Looks like you did, gratx,
Monitor temps and voltage as always, but enjoy your quad :)
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  1. I just got a new CPU that is a AMD Phenom II 720 X3 and I have an ASUS motherboard that can unlock the 4th core. I have kep enabling the 4th core over and over and it always runs stable and never complains at all no matter how many stress tests and of all types. Did I get a stable 4th core on my X3?
  2. It goes to 49C max temp and never over on a stress test of prime95. I can overclcok to 3.0GHz from 2.8 and it's still perfectly stable and cool.
  3. Nice, my X3 435 is unlocked and will take 3.5GHz, (Old rig I use for work)
    and my other halfs is unlocked at 3.2GHz, your temps look fine man so enjoy it :)
  4. Thanks haha. I got it at Micro Center for $40 and now they cost $30. I might get another just for a second PC
  5. Fingers crossed the second one is a good one as well man :)
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