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I have an asus a8n-sli deluxe MB, currently running an old HD 4830. Will i have any issues getting a PCIe 2.1 card or am I stuck with using 2.0? I'm upgrading my MB/CPU later and would like to have something newer for the switch
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  1. PCIe 2.1 and 2.0 are 100% compatible, pick any card you like (within your PSU's power)
  2. You have an older board based on the nForce 4 chipset. Some PCI-E 1.x boards may have issues with newer 2.1 cards. Considering the best that board can do is a 4800+ X2 I say you upgrade your CPU and motherboard first as your current CPU is probably limiting your 4830 more often than not meaning that overall getting a faster card may not do much for you :D
  3. depends on the upgrade your are planning on getting. you'll have to add new ram to the mix because the pc3200 won't work on the new boards......... need DDR3.

    what resolution/size is your monitor and what games are you playing......... and what opsys... 32 or 64bit ?

    above poster is right when he says upgrade with current system will be a waste.
  4. I have a 650w OCz PSU so I should be ok. I'm going to replace the MB/CPU and RAM in a few months just short on funds right now. As long as it will work in the PCIe x16 slot I'm good for a bit even though it will bottleneck slightly.

    I have a x2 3800+ coming in a few days, right now I'm running a athlon 3700+ single core. So you think the x2 3800+ will help me out? I was going to get a video card because I'm changing the MB soon but wanted alittle extra power for now. so I will have issues will 2.1?

    resolution is 1650x1050.

    eventually I'm getting a 6 core cpu but I don't have 400+ to drop on a MB/CPU/RAM atm.
  5. sticking with that system you have is a losing proposition. you're throwing good money after bad. upgrading motherboard, cpu and ram doesn't mean buying the same ancient crap you're running now. if you can't make the commitment don't buy anything. save.......
  6. Yeah I don't see the point in getting a faster card right now. You will experience a good boost going to a dual core CPU especially if you OC it, but it will still limit the card you have. My 3850 512MB was a little limited by my Athlon 5200+ X2 at it's default speeds. Of course, once I OC'd that CPU to 3Ghz I saw scores more in line with that of reviewers. Your 4830 is a bit more powerful than that so getting an even more powerful GPU will be a little futile in many games.
  7. So yeah save you're pennies and do your motherboard/cpu/ram first. I'd say a good Z68 board with a cheap CPU and RAM would be a good start and a decent upgrade from what you have. In the mean time OC everything ^_^
  8. advice on O.C'ing?

    I usually just use the AI boost from BIOS @10% I've tried messing with RAM timings and voltages before but couldn't get a stable setting. Looks like my cheapo dual core will get me by in the mean time while I get a new job since I just moved, but it would be nice if I could O.C it past 2.2Ghz

    BTW, thanks for talking me out of it for now :P I will save up for my new CPU/MB/RAM.
  9. You'll have to look for an older guide on overclocking s939 boards. It's different than overclocking AM2 boards simply because of the way the memory controller is handled. I honestly don't remember but I think you will have to lower the RAM speed to 333 and then OC the FSB. There is a significant amount of added latency when you do that due to the DDR memory controller. Also be sure to lower the HT link speed/multiplier on those older boards.
  10. locked PCIe to 33/100mhz
    set HT to x4
    set Vcore to 1.375v
    set RAM speed to 333mhz
    CPU mutiplier to 10x
    set CPU to 240Mhz

    I got it running at 2.4 now. I can probably go higher if I go to 1.5v. I have a 2 heat pipe heatsink on there, but I just don't want to burn anything up. The only thing I wasn't sure how to mess with is the RAM timings. Everything looks good and stable.
  11. everything ran great for 4 days but now while gaming it the computer will reset itself. I've tried taking all the settings down but it is still doing it. Can't figure it out at all. I'm running prime95 right now and it has been passing everything so far. Temps never go over 63. Only thing I can think of is the video card but I de-clocked it from 690mhz down to 525 and still had the same problem. GPU runs at 70-76 degrees under load.

    hould I take the voltage down on the CPU? I'm going to try undoing everything and see if there is still an issue, but if there is I have no idea what it would be?
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