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I'm currently trying to put a spec together for a gaming machine, havn't done this in a while and would like a little advice on things to change etc. Below is the spec

Shop Type Part Cost
Amazon CPU Intel Core i5 2500K 157
ebuyer MOBO Asus P8Z68-V LX 83.99
Amazon GPU Nvidia 1GB GTX 570 Graphics Card 168.89
ebuyer HD Seagate 500GB 55
ebuyer cd-rom LiteOn iHAS124-19 14.49
ebuyer Case\Power 49.98
ebuyer RAM Corsair 8GB 35.37
Amazon Software Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 65.95
Amazon Cooling Arctic Cooling Fan 12
Total £642.67

I'm happy to go up to £750

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sorry and also I'm not sure the case I've got currently list can handle the system. It has built in 500W power source
  2. Hello cranked,

    Thats quite a useful link! But I was thinking more of a bundle for the Case and PCU so I can save a bit of cash for the CPU etc.

    Do you think 550W will be enough for this build?

  3. Just a word of warning that the best way to fry a PC is with a shoddy PSU and it's rare that one included with a case is very good (given that most good PSUs cost more than the case you listed).
  4. Hi j_e_d_70,

    I agreee with you there, rather the system didn't crash out due to me being a bit cheap on the pcu side.

    Just looking at your system (your signature), how much did that set you back? What sort of performance are you getting from it?
  5. Right at $1,300 USD but that was catching everything either on sale, with a rebate, or both. Think the straight up price is around $1,500.

    It runs very cool, relatively quiet, and runs BF3 on Ultra at 1080p above 60fps without hitting 100% load on the CPU except a spike during the initial startup.

    Went from over a minute to get to a usable desktop (with a 10K rpm Raptor) to 30 seconds while loaded several more programs. The loading screens in Skyrim sometimes fade out before I can even finish reading the text. And my SSD is last gen!

    The loudest thing is the 670 GTX - kind of wish I'd waiting for a quieter version but it's all good :)
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