Psu fans wont stop spinning even when off !

hi there,
so lately i have been having so many problems with my pc , but i was just curious about this , my powersupply fan il not stop spinning unless i turn off the power at the wall.

my powersupply is a be quiet dark power pro 1000w modular p7 or p8(not sure)
any help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. 5 yr warranty.
    use it.
  2. nah thats a no go ... i bought it off ebay about 5 months ago and the warranty void sticker had been destroyed :(
  3. Makes me wonder if they installed a 120v ac fan into it.
  4. no i am pretty sure they didnt as it has the be quite badge etched onto the fan ... very very hard to come by i heard
  5. rudi95
    You did not state you were having other problems with you computer in your other post! Looks like you should try a differet power supply, that might solve alot of your problems. You bought this one off of ebay! I guess you never know what you are going to get from ebay.
  6. well i actually was very silly , there is speed controller cable that connects to the motherboard which i just failed to notice so the fan part is fixed now
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