Random internet crashes

For some reason my internet feels like crashing every now and then, but only for about a second before it reconnects.

This however is quite annoying while playing games since i get disconnected from servers etc.

I've managed to conclude that its my computer thats doing this since my computer is the only one on which this happens in the network.

I'm connected to the internet via a switch witch then is connected to some crap in the wall ( no idea what kind of stuff it is :P )

But since its only happening to me and not the other comps, it shouldn't be the internet connection from the switch.

I've tried changing the network cable and using different slots in the switch but with no success.

My motherboard has some integrated network card with 2 slots, tried each of em but there was no difference.

Also tried reinstalling from xp to vista to win7. No changes.

As of now im using Vista 64 bit.

I have noticed once though that i got a tiny message saying that my ip was already taken or somthing like that, could it be that some other computer on the network in this apartement building is starting and then somehow gets the same ip as me which kills my internet and then my comp gets a new ip? sounds kinda... wierd... but yeah.. i'm unsure how to solve this.
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  1. It all depends on how the apt building network is set up... However, if you are getting that error, it sounds like some person has statically set their machine for that IP. When they fire up their PC, it steals the IP, and you are forced to release and renew your machine.

    I would tell management about the error, and ask them what to do... If they offer you no help at all, I would think about getting your own Internet connection... Sounds like to me that the network is wide open, which is a huge "no-no". If you can deal with the error every now and then, go pick up a router, and protect yourself from others...

    Again this is assuming the network is wide open to all the people in the network.
  2. But if someone is taking my ip and I then get a new ip, shouldn't I be fine with the new ip adress I got? since i can disconnected and reconnected to the internet many times. Like last evening I probably got disconnected about 6-7 times. and the chances that someone with a static ip took the same one as me all those times is quite improbable.

    It feels more like my computer just looses the connection to the internet for a very short time then reconnects, is it possible that my computer shuts down the network for some crappy power savings or something? Tho on the other hand, i've checked the power savings thingie in windows and stopped all kind of power saving, but perhaps there are other power saving options which i'm not aware of?
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