I7 3770k vs i5 3570k vs wait for haswell

i will be gaming and video editing, i want to overclock to ATLEAST 4.0ghz and what would be a good cpu cooler
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  1. the I5 3570k is usually good enough for gaming and video editing. the i7 may come in handy with very heavy video editing, but you would have to decide just how much you are going to do.

    cooler master hyper 212's are most often used for cooling. you can hit 4 ghz with either of those cpus
  2. What kind of system do you have now? Post specs. If you have a first gen i5 or i7, it probably isn't going to be a really worthwhile upgrade if you move up to Ivy Bridge, you would probably be better off waiting for Haswell in the long run. LGA1155 is a dead socket, so there is no upgrade path beyond Ivy Bridge.

    If your system can do what you need it to do fine right now, I would say hold off until Haswell comes along. If you really need more performance neow, get Ivy Bridge.
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