Can i run a hd 7770 on a 42full hd tv?

hi guys am thinking getting a hd 7770, and was woundering would i be able to use this card for gaming and connect it to my 42 inch full hd tv and card been able to handle it? or would i need to get a card with higher memory than just one gig?

cheers guys
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  1. The size of the monitor or HDTV does not matter, only the resolution. The HD 7770 is capable of handling 1920x1080 with no issues unless you are looking to max out the graphics in every single game and expect high frame rates.

    1GB of VRAM is fine for an HDTV.
  2. I wouldn't bother that much about VRAM unless you're planning to get a multi-monitor setup. I would be more concerned with the actual performance of the card for my native resolution (in your case 1920x1080).
  3. thanx guys
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