Laptop battery warm during charging

i own a hp dv 6 series laptop. recently i have noticed that the laptop's battery is getting on the warmer side when it is charging. apart from it the bottom where the ram module also feels warm. the wlan area is also warm. is it normal?

thank you
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  1. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  2. The RAM will get warm and so will the WNIC and hard drive.
  3. Of course it's normal, have you ever charged a batter before?
  4. i thought why the ram and the wlan. i see that the pin connector of the battery is right near the wlan card. so is that the thing?
  5. If the computer is on, it is using power/getting warm - normal. If the computer is turned off during charging, only the battery should be getting warm.
  6. RAM gets hot because its always in use, the same with the WNIC, if you have it turned on it will always look for a network and that makes the chips hot, and when you are connected it transfers data most of the time and that makes it hot aswell.

    Most chips get hot (Chipsets, CPUs, GPUs, Sound chips, network controllers and so on).
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