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Detecting which fan is loud

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September 4, 2012 8:15:04 PM

hi there !

my pc is toooo loud, but it is hard to figure out which fan it is

1 psu fan
2 cpu fan . arctic cooler freezer pro 7
3 gpu fan . geforce 8800 gt
4 cooler master 500 front fan / new
5 cooler master 500 back fan / new

i guess it will be either 1 / power supply fan or 3 / gpu fan

i have googled and found useful (way too detailed tools for monitoring fans) but i think all i would need is a app/tool that can stop each fan for a while (2-3 seconds) so i can find out which one and simply replace it ... or is there a better trick than that ?

thank you for your advice !

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September 4, 2012 9:08:03 PM

Just unplug each fan one at a time.

You can technically do this while it is on, however I must stress one thing.


There is a high likelihood that it will cause serious damage to the processor before you can connect it back on there.

As long as you only do it with the case intake/exhaust fans there will be no disasters.

- Edit - Its much safer if you disconnect them while the computer is off, but that would be far too annoying when testing multiple chassis fans. Regardless, don't do it with any fans directly connected to hardware like the motherboard or video card, even if it is off when you do it.
September 4, 2012 9:25:17 PM

Roll up a paper and use as listening device to pinpoint the source of sound. Very high tech solution ;) 
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September 4, 2012 11:02:53 PM

LOL - app is called your finger. Use a pencil/chopstick if your afraid of hurting your finger.
Stop each fan 1 at a time until you find the culprit. I got a twenty that its all the ones connected to molex's
September 7, 2012 7:49:36 PM

thanks for your ideas !

i was able to test the psu fan (paperclip trick) but wasn't able to test the gpu ... i am still not 100% sure, maybe both of them are pretty loud and make some kind of interference ... too bad ... i have decided to make a rather radical system rebuild
September 7, 2012 10:08:15 PM

Get a Powercolor HD 6850 SCS3 video card.

It has no fan so it is completely silent.

As long as you have a good case, it performs really well.