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So, in about 5 weeks I will begin building my next system. Going to be as nice as I can make it. Well almost. I have my eyes set on an i7-3830K, but not sure what motherboard to use. Thinking an ASUS Rampage 4, but I don't need all the video card voltage stuff. I'm not really planning on overclocking, but i want as fast as I can get, and as reliable as i can get. This immediately rules out anything by AMD. I know I'm getting a GTX680 GPU, but I'm really stuck on the motherboard and RAM. RAM I'm think a 16GB kit of Kingston HyperX. What do you guys recommend?
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  1. personally, i would get a p8x79 pro board because it has all the features that you will need for cheaper.

    second, i would get a gtx 670 because there is only like 5-10% difference between the two cards in performance while there is a 100$ difference. a great card is the gigabyte windforce 3X gtx 670.

    get some ram that runs at 1.5v because 1.65v ram wont make your boltage controller last as long. i recommend some corsair vengenace ram. the low profile ones will help with fitting under a large heatsink
  2. Cool. thanks. I will be getting the ASUS P9X79 Board with Bluetooth. Its $120 cheaper. I also found that Vengeance ram. Hell its half the price of the Kingston too. I think I will stick with the 680 video card. never ever owned a top of the line card, and While I can't justify the $999 price point for the 690, I don't mind spending an extra $100 to have a 680 over a tuned down 670. I did read the review and saw it wasn't much of a performance decrease, it's just something I want. :-)
  3. yes the sabertooth board is great too. if you are to go with a 680 i recommend getting a asus directCU2 TOP 680 card. it matches your mobo and has a really good cooler. the board will support 2 way sli with these cards
  4. thats overkill for z77 mobo. you can go with a pro board and it will be good enough. or you can get a msi z77a-gd65
  5. IMO, the two bang for buck Z77 MOBOs are the Extreme4 and the Pro4.
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