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hey guys i am sorry i know that this is not the right forum to ask this question but i did not find one
My computer has been affected with autorun virus there are some files with autorun.inf can you guys help me on how to remove it permanently i just ordered my new gpu a sapphire HD 6850 and corsair 700w PSU(Gaming series).Iwant to get rid of that virus before my new GPU and PSU is shipped
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  1. just format your pc hole drives and upgrade to win 7 because this virus is *** and damage your pc just format all drives
  2. Hi, if you don't want to reformat try them:

    then scan with malware bytes.

    If your comfortable with windows and file system, you can try a debug program d7 (you can look a tutorial on youtube) that can be downloaded from

    but this is more of an advance solution.

    good luck
  3. Turn on the PC while repeatedly pressing F8, go to Repair your Computer and run a system restore. I've found a lot of times a sys restore can fix the issue temporarily. Then afterwards run your anti virus/anti spyware(spybot, malwarebytes etc...) if you do not have an option for Repair Your Computer after F8, try the same F8 option and choose safe mode with networking. If the virus is still running, attempt to open task manager and and kill the process tree for it. If you cannot access any of these means, pretty much the 2 options are a live boot disc from an AV company or Portable OS, or like monu suggested, a complete destructive restore.
  4. by installing new card and gpu with god psu i would recommend to format because you get maximum performance while your window is new try out games play at free virus and lags also i like to battlefield 3 mw 3 masseffct 3 and max payne 3 with new window fresh driver work flawless
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